About Me

Hello, my name is Andrew Grimo.  In the technology industry I have worked in the core field of Database Administration utilizing a broad set of skills to aid in my tasks such as solution architecture, linux scripting, automation/triggering, enterprise job scheduling designs for job flow management and even some DBA mainframe work.  As a slight variation I’ve also taught College level IT courses and join in on panel discussions and talks once in a while.

Currently I’m working at Oracle on the MySQL team as a Technical Consultant to prospective and current customers.  I wholeheartedly wish to reach the greater community of MySQL users too as this extensive audience I do not want to miss out learning and sharing with.  This blog will certainly help me share my own ideas around MySQL which are not necessarily those of my employer.  It is my personal interest to reaching out to the most people possible and I also look forward to hearing from you all in the comments.