About Me

Hello, my name is Andrew Grimo.  In the technology industry I have worked in the core field of Database Administration utilizing a broad set of skills to aid in my tasks such as solution architecture, linux scripting, automation/triggering, enterprise job scheduling designs for job flow management and even some DBA mainframe work.  As a slight variation I’ve also taught College level IT courses and have joined in on panel discussions and talks.

Current Role: MySQL Principal Solution Consultant @ MySQL  (Oracle Corporation).  My views and opinions in all the postings on this blog are my own.

I work directly with current & prospective customers in both the Enterprise and ISV verticals across North America, but mainly in Canada.

I wholeheartedly wish to reach the greater community of MySQL users too, as this extensive audience plays a huge role.  This blog will certainly help me share my own ideas around MySQL.  It is my personal interest to reach the most people possible and I also look forward to hearing from you all in the comments.